Ponerology is a relatively new field of study, often referred to as “the science of evil.”

Named after poneros, the Greek word for evil, it is a discipline devoted to exploring – from an objective, scientific standpoint – why and how harmful malicious and neglectful behavior arise and influence our world. It integrates insights emerging from a variety of other disciplines ranging from neuroscience to genetics to criminology to clinical psychology to sociology.

Because it is such an important field – and one that I believe deserves more attention – I spent a great deal of time and energy writing a very thorough and comprehensive page about ponerology. If you’d like to learn about this fascinating area of study in depth, I recommend taking the time to read that page.

However, in recent years, before, during, and since I wrote that page, I have seen more and more examples of news and information relevant to ponerology springing up from all around us – in articles, books, stories, television shows, movies, research studies, websites and elsewhere. I created this website to share these examples with those wishing to keep up with the latest developments, help raise awareness and education and serve as a coordination point for the many people with an interest in ponerology dispersed throughout various spheres of activity, walks of life and locations around the world.